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How Does Anies Governor Seasonal Flood Prevention in Jakarta – VIVA?


LIVE – The rainy season with heavy intensity has been washed over several regions. Governor DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, invited the public to build vertical drainage wells at home. According to Anies, this approach to the prevention of flooding from the DKI capital is considered.

"I will invite everyone here, God will be ready, the assembly of the Prophet will take part in this movement. We want to create vertical drainage wells in our homes," said Anies as he attended May Nabi at Monas, Jakarta, Tuesday, November 20, 2018.

Anies said, when building drainage wells, the water would not flow into the housing environment.

"God already, if we ask if our rainwater flows out, we can answer it. The rainwater in our house has not drained but it is poured into & # 39; r earth. God is ready, we can answer that, "said the former Minister for Education and Culture.

He then explained the status of DKI Jakarta as an area passed by 13 rivers. He said, there were no other cities crossing the river as much as in Jakarta.

"So, every season of rain we are always ready to face the possibility of flooding. Although Allah is really a real rainfall, Allah sends blessings to all of us on this ground, "said Anies.

Anies also said that water passed through rain could turn on dry and dead ground. However, he talked about the problem now that not all land is open to rain.

"Our land is covered by asphalt, construction of houses, buildings. So that water that is being reduced from the sky does not enter the ground. Do not stop water from entering the ground, "said Anies.

Jakarta FloodingPicture of flooding in DKI Jakarta

As the contour of the land is unfold, flooding is affected by the year-on-year effect. It also wants to start moving to restore rainwater to the ground.

"In Jakarta every year the land area falls 7 cm. Why come down? Because we suck the groundwater, while the groundwater will not be taken from the sky which drops through the rain. We pour rainwater into the sea, we do not lower it to the ground, "Anies explained.

Anies continued the effects of land in Jakarta and fell 7 cm per year. With this fact, within 10 years, land fell in Jakarta 70 cm. He also wants to correct this.

"Because he had saved it, we went to his sunshine, the rain of the rain came to the ground, so I asked those in this place to answer simple questions. up the river, one in Bogor, one on your house, "said Anies.

He added that there were two exposures, both on the beach and at home page. If every time you get rainwater into a hole in the ground, it will not flood.

"Then, we do not send rain out and God already, it does not produce a flood," said Anies. (as)

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