Wednesday , June 29 2022

Griezmann, Have you got the cakes to join Barcelona?


Jakarta – Antoine Griezmann has a strict shape of joining Barcelona. If realized, Griezmann must be prepared with great pressure.

Griezmann is sure to leave Atletico Madrid later this season. It is believed that Barcelona, ​​which has been very interested since last season, is the next destination.

Barcelona will need to prepare funding of 125 million euros to compensate for the release clause. It is expected to replace Philippe Coutinho that is not too shiny this season.

Coutinho appeared this season 53 times in each competition, contributing 11 goals and only five helping us. Apparently, Barcelona needs to make Coutinho sales in order to fund the transfer of Griezmann.

Former Barcelona Rivaldo midfielder did not deny the quality of Griezmann, but joining Los Cules was a different issue. Griezmann, who is already familiar with being a protagonist at Atletico, will have to receive less attention because Lionel Messi.

In addition, he is required to be able to compensate for the consistency of Barcelona stars. These things are expected to make Griezmann think twice about joining Barcelona last season.

"If he joins, he will need to show a strong enough character to compete on Luis Suarez and Messi level. I don't know that will come," Rivaldo said. The United States.

"Many players are afraid to join Barcelona because in Camp Nou, Messi is the main figure. In Atletico, Griezmann is a star player and if he joins Barcelona and Messi continues to stand out, t he could start feeling frightened, he showed in Atletico, "he added. t

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