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Gisel claims to delete mobile phone data but appears again, linked to exciting videos?



The exciting video case similar to Gisella Anastasia alias Gisel is still being processed by police. Gisel recently visited a famous lawyer, Hotman Paris. What for?

The arrival of this mother to one child was the subject of consultation, Bunda. According to Hotman, Gisel made a confession about his cellphone that had gone missing three years ago.

“According to Gisel’s confession, his mobile phone was given to his manager three years ago and was deleted. I don’t know why he appeared,” said Hotman, quoted from InsertLive, Sunday (6/12/2020).

But so far, it’s not certain what Hotman meant in the release. The same applies to statements about data that Gisel has deleted.

The name Gisel has become a hot topic some time ago. On social media, this exciting video similar to Gading Marten’s ex-wife circulated and became a public conversation.

Authorities then investigated this video. Gisel has also fulfilled the investigator’s summons, Bunda.

To investigate this case, the force also includes forensic and technology experts. They are trying to reveal the real figure in the sex video.

“Yes, we are still investigating it (the male lead). We are still pursuing it. What is the use of an expert face forensic witness? To find out exactly what is suspected to have been enlivened in the mainstream media, on social media, “said Metro Police’s Head of Public Relations. Jaya Kombes Yusri Yunus told reporters, in Jakarta, some time ago.

Yusri Yunus asked, the public is awaiting the results of the investigation. According to him, the figure in this video is not easy to deal with and reveal.

“It’s not easy to analyze. The point is that once we get it, we’ll pass the results on to our colleagues,” he said.

Before Gisel visited Hotman Paris, the 61-year-old lawyer had commented on this case. Hotman suggested that this video, Bunda, need not be verified by telematics experts.

What did Hotman say in full? Then how does this case continue? Click NEXT let’s go

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