Friday , July 1 2022

Former football Claudio Martinez had been suspended associated with Narcotics


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Police Attorney Claudio Martinez (38) for alleged possession and eating narcotics. He was arrested by the West West Metro Police Narcotics Unit at his home in the Depok area, West Java.

Western Police Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics AKBP Erick Frendriz confirmed the arrest. But Erick has not been able to determine the types of narcotics that Claudio has used and consumed.

"Yes, he is currently under investigation. We still check in the laboratory (laboratory) that the results will come out tomorrow," he said by text on Thursday (11 / 08).

Erick said his party would give an official statement on Friday (9/11) about 10:00 WIB regarding Claudio's arrest. It is also intended to provide information and results of ongoing laboratory tests.

"The official release statement is" rfory ", while the examination is still in question as well as the evidence," he said.

Apart from being a former football player, Claudio is also called an actor in a number of soap operas. He started to be famous in the world of hibernation in the soap opera Kendang y Madun 1, 2, and 3, General Kancil, Relaxation of Love, I Kicked The Ball I Love and Samson Dahlia.

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