Thursday , June 30 2022

Finally, Samsung introduced the phone video technology "Infinity Flex"

[ad_1] – After more than five years developing a confidential telephone technology, Samsung finally introduced the technology to the public.

Through the Developer Conference event in San Francisco, Samsung presents a smart phone, or tablet, which can be widely opened, and folded to small ones. On this smartphone, no flexibility has been installed, pure screen flexibility.

There are some reasons behind the display of bending screen technology in event developers, rather than at events such as MWC or CES. Samsung turns to focus on this technology in the interface, considering that at least two opinions when this smartphone is opened or closed.

Design and Specifications of Flex Infinity Screen or Samsung

In terms of design, this type screen is folded in. This is because the closing screen design is easier to produce and more practical. Previously, smartphone sellers released from China who were smartphone that folded out FlexPai.

A second screen has to locate the outside, with smaller dimensions. This concept may be compared to Motorola phones that have a similar concept in the past. The difference is that there is no php smartphone, because there is no honges and pure bending.

This screen is bent in a small circle in the middle, and a sloping section on the other side that has expanded to help you close the screen smoothly. Of course, when smart phone bending is thick, Samsung thinks that thickets will be forgiven if it has many features.

However, on the stage, Samsung said they were developing toothscreen panels, with polarizers, including new batteries. Therefore, in the official release bending gadget, the device will remain thin when it is folded.

An UI: Foldable Interface Page for Smartphones

He explained a little more above why Samsung introduced blink screen technology at developer events. This seems because Samsung wants to introduce a new mobile phone interface, a Samsung One UI.

Samsung calls it "the best two aspects": a smart compact phone that can be extended to display more deprivation display, for multitaskang and use of content.

Yes, Samsung prefers to call this device into a compact contact phone so that when the bending is opened into a tablet, it's a feature.

The uptake highlighted by Samsung in One UI is the experience of changing the use of tanoa barriers when the smartphone is opened to the large screen. In addition, users are not allowed to lose their breath when browsing, watching, social media and multi-gossip, then open the screen. In addition, when the screen is opened, this UI allows you to use three active applications on the screen.

When is the statement?

Samsung did not give a detailed explanation of the statement. But we can wait at least until the CES 2019 title in Las Vegas, where Samsung could introduce it as a gadget that is ready to market.

Samsung only says that this smartphone mass smart production will be held "in the coming months."

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