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Family Lion Air JT610 Boeing Supe Victims

The victim's family is also looking for compensation in the form of hundreds of millions of dollars.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Families of the victims of a plane crash Lion Air by registering a PK-LQP JT610 flight number filed a legal case against the Boeing Company in Chicago, on Friday (11/16). As well as the first legal case, the victim's family is also looking for compensation in the form of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Manuel Von Ribbeck, of Law Chartered's Law Bureau, said he expected many requirements to be filed on behalf of the victims' families in the next few days.

"There is no reason to wait for the final report of the investigation because it can take months or years, the final report will not impose obligations; the decision of who is guilty of this accident is determined by a judge or jury America, "said Von Ribbeck through an official statement on Thursday (11/22).

He said, of his / her records in representing families of victims of global trips including a number of families in previous flight accidents in Indonesia, stating that the Boeing MAX 8 aircraft and flight handbooks are damaged and dangerous Therefore, that factor is the direct cause of the accident.

"Lion Air is one of several airlines that have bought a relatively new Boeing MAX 8," he explained.

On the other hand, Dean Botha, who is also from Ribbeck Law Chartered, said the Federal Flight Ministry (FAA) had published a new Emergency Feasibility Guide on Wednesday (7/11) on the Boeing 737 MAX referred to what was designated "unsafe conditions" they might not develop on Boeing 737 other MAX aircraft.

"The new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft was designed and produced in the United States." he says.

At present, researchers have focused on the new automatic flight control system on the Boeing 737 MAX that had not included in the previous 737 version. This new flight control system can improve the situation in which an airplane rises to a dangerous level during a flight that can lead to an engine failure.

However, under the conditions tested by the Boeing 737 MAX 8, the system was unexpectedly pushed the plane's nose and could not be controlled by the flight crew. Unless the flight crew were instructed and trained to deal with such situations, change the system by hand to avoid accidents.

This automatic feature can be triggered even when the pilot flips the plane in hand and does not expect flight control computer interference.

According to reports on Wall Street Journal, New York Timesand other publications, Boeing prevents information about potential hazards associated with this new flight control system. The US flight regulator has launched a high priority review of Boeing's security analysis for years and what information has been disclosed or revealed to airlines about this new flight management system.

Ribbeck Law is a global litigation law company that focuses on global disasters worldwide. The company has represented clients in more than 73 countries and 47 commercial aviation flight accidents. Ribbeck Law Chartered is one of the few airlines of aviation law that has experienced staff in many countries around the world.

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