Friday , August 19 2022

Facebook is Performing Updates on Android Settings


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Facebook has announced the latest location locations for users AndroidOn Wednesday (2/21). The intention was to provide more consumer control, when Facebook is able to access location data from an Android device.

Report by Slahsgear, Facebook users of current Android devices can only restrict the location data collection when the Facebook application is used.

The changes only apply to Android devices, as the iOS users have the installations in their devices thanks to the location permission of the default iOS.

"If you are operating this location, there are two things that can happen, that is, you will share your location when you will not use the application," said Technical Director Facebook, Paul McDonald, or Wired.

"Secondly, you allow Facebook to keep track of your actual location," he said.

Citing Wired, to limit Facebook from tracking its users, is the following steps:

1. Open the Facebook application
2. Then look for the Lettings and Privacy feature
3. Click Settings
4. Then click Location
5. Then click Settings
6. In Location Locations, the user will find the latest option of the name & Location Location & # 39; which the user can extinguish.

"We made this up-to-date information to each other, we get feedback from people who use Facebook on Android devices. Consumers want additional controls that are easy to understand," said spokesman on behalf of the internet, Rochelle Nadhiri.

For your information, Facebook has increased the look at data collection policies since the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018.

"A location is one of the most sensitive data sets and Facebook is one of the most widely used platforms. So the change is very important," said the Deputy Director of the Center for Democracy and Project Freedom of Technology, Security and Technology of the United States, Michelle Richardson.

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