Tuesday , July 5 2022

Expert: World Coral Damage Causes Mice


KOMPAS.com – Mice is a problem in cities and towns around the world. But the animals also cause huge damage to the world's coral reefs, according to a new study published in Aberystwyth Journal International of Science.

According to the study, rats have disturbed seabird populations at 90 percent of the world's islands.

Professor Nick Graham of the Lancaster University in the UK said on a recent tour of the Chagos islands in Central India, there were very spectacular differences between mouse-filled islands and voyage islands.

"Where there are rats, the above sky is empty, the islands are very quiet. When you enter the unused rugs, there is & # 39; The air is full of seabirds, very full and attractive. You can smell guano fowl or birds in the air, "Graham said.

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Scientists find guano, sometimes used as fertilizers, is very important to the sustainability of tropical ecosystems.

"Birds are flying far away from the island, and they are eating from what we call a binary ecosystem, the deep part of the sea. Then they are go back to the island to beat and breed and that's when they provide the rich nutrients that they get from the sea to the island. If these nutrients are Return to coral reefs, the content can boost the productivity and function of coral reefs, "Graham added.

Prawns on birds of birds, chicks and even adult birds. The racial islands have more seabirds and rich nitrogen content in the soil that then flows into the sea, which is beneficial for grass and fish algae.

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"Fish are very beneficial for cora reefs, providing important functions that help keep cora reefs healthy. The fish drive away algae harassment, so that new chorals can settle in and grow again , "he added.

The amount of fish is also 50 per cent more in the waters of unleavened islands.

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