Thursday , September 29 2022

ESA Satellites Find The Lost Continent Residues Under Antarctica

[ad_1] – Researchers have discovered the remains of old continents that have been hidden under ice Antarctica. The continent was discovered through the European Space Agency (ESA) gravity mapping satellite.

Through these satellites, researchers can enrich anything under the ice and map the land below.

The results are published in the magazine Scientific Reports it shows that long-term lost landscapes and contain the palate or a permanent part of the continental plate that is the waste of the ancient continent. Kraton is part of the lithosphere that includes the crust and upper layer.

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ESA and Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) mapping satellite mapping was launched in 2009 to measure Earth's gravity.

However, during the last year of operation, the satellite was flying in just 254 kilometers. At that height, the satellite can make very accurate measurements of local gravity rate.

Using this data, the team were able to create 3D images of lithosphere pieces below Antarctica, including the palace.

"Kraton is an ancient part of lithosphere and forms the oldest kernel of the continents Understanding their structure and existence is a key solution to revealing the early history of the Earth. In addition, also to study the evolution of the Earth that is connecting to the climate and future of the planet, "said George Ebbing of Kiel Kiel University, Germany as quoted NewsweekOn Wednesday (11/07/2018).

Ebbing also mentioned that these findings at the same time open views on the differences between East and West Antarctica.

"Our data seems to have shown that East Antarctica not only contains one palace but there is a combination of palacio parts. This observation results in a cut Super Gondwana continent and Antarctic connections with the neighboring continents, "said Ebbing again.

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The new findings also show that West Antarctica has a chicken and lithosphere warmer than East Antarctica.

Next, researchers hope these findings can help them understand the tectonic plates that form our planet.

"By collecting data on Lithosphere and Antarctic, researchers will be able to better understand the continental ice structure, enabling researchers to understand how it can respond to climate change in the next few centuries," added the British Antarctic Survey Fausto Ferraccioli.

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