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Difficult Mission in Makassar indopos.co.id


INDOPOS.CO.ID – After being pulled to pull PS Tira, Persija Jakarta moved his immediate focus to face PSM Makassar. Ismed Sofyan and his friends will be hosted by the club, named Juku Eja, who is now on top of the stalls at Week 31 of the 1 2018 League at the Andi Mattalatta Stadium, Mattoangin, on Friday (16 / 11).

"We know that PSM is currently in the first position and we know that the games in Makassar are very important to both teams. If you want to be over, of course there is & # 39; n you have to win. We'll still see their game against Persebaya, "said Teco as quoted from the club's website.

Persija and PSM appear without their best strength. PSM will not be reinforced by M Fauzan.

However, Persija other than the players called to protect the national team of Indonesia like Andritany and Riko Simanjuntak, Maman Abdurrahman and Asri Akbar have collected cards.

Teco explained that his team still monitored the progress of Rezaldi who continued to show recovery conditions when preparing for PSM opponents. Its strength is needed to fill the left back. This is to strengthen his defense after leaving Maman and he must be absent because of his conclusion.

"We need extra players in the definitive game (champions) in Makassar. I hope that (Rezaldi) can play," he hoped.

When seeing this condition, the PSM is sure that a bit more profitable can go down with some of the best strengths. Rizky Pellu to Marc Klok. The post left by M Fauzan can be filled by Reva Adi.

The Robert Alberts PSM coach admitted that he was no longer worried because his central pillar was in mid Wales, Rizky Pellu and Marc Klok were able to return. "We also lost Klok and Pellu, Reva and Asnawi. However, (Persija's opponents) have returned and that's what we are positive," he explained.

Previously, Persia failed to win full points when entertaining PS Tira at the Mukti Wibawa Stadium, Cikarang on Saturday last (10/11). However, the results of this picture mean that Persija changes the position of Persian Bandung in the stalls. Ismed Sofyan and his friends stood second with 49 points or advanced product production by Maung Bandung. (tam / abg / jpg)

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