Tuesday , July 5 2022

David Jordan Lost to Anthony Crolla


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – David Jordan had lost to Anthony Crolla in a way unanimous or an absolute opinion on 12 world round class boxing matches in Manchester Arena, Saturday (10/11) local nighttime.

This victory has made David Jordan failing to be the main challenge of WBA class lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko of Ukraine.

The Indonesian boxer was pressed in the first round to the fifth of an opponent in England. Crolla knocked out David Jordan's shot.

As he went to the sixth round, he launched the padlocker born in Sukadana, West Kalimantan assault after an aggressive attack towards Crolla. His opponent began to be forced to accept the job until hook David Jordan facing the face.

David Jordan failed to be the top defender to defend the Vasyl champion David Jordan failed to be the main challenge to defend the champion Vasyl Lomachenko. (Reuters / Andrew Couldridge)

Likewise in the seventh and on the eighth round, David Jordan tried to become aggressive by hitting a combination of 31 year boxers.

When joining the ninth round, David Jordan began to be slightly more careful by strengthening the defense that faces Crolla who started a little opening his defense. David Jordan launched again hook The left and right that makes Crolla be pressed to the edge of the circle in the round. The blasts were able to land on the face of his opponent.

Going to the 10th round, David Jordan did not release offensive blows to rely on them hook In the left and right, Crolla could be made low. However, his opponent had turned to the pressure of David Jordan with combined blows, including ponds job and became the main test of Crolla. The second stamina and the torch declined dramatically in the 10th round.

In the 11th round, David Jordan continued to campaign for a close fight against Crolla who often kept his distance and released several job dangerous

In the last round, the definite period, David Jordan tried to appear completely. Gadewai went from the uppercut starting the round. David also released the Crolla press mix several times.

Often, Crolla who was encouraged welcomed David Jordan to avoid hitting the Indonesia boxer. Indeed, Crolla was seen to squeeze several times to the edge of the circle, but the bell that ended the battle was ringing. David was defeated from the end unanimous or absolute opinion by Crolla. (backs / backs)

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