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Chronology Reverse Event Event in Yogyakarta Sekaten


TEMPO.CO, The Yogyakarta – The event took place in Sekaten Yogyakarta on Sunday, November 11, 2018. Some of the Ferris wheelchairs faced. The event had made visitors who were in it barking.

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A drink dealer said in one of the booths that they did not want to be named, the incident happened around seven nights. Suddenly, he said, a visitor heard from one of the Ferris wheelchairs. At the time, it was only one or two times the vehicle with a height of about 10 meters.

He had time to look up. There is probably a wind turbine that is thrown and rubbed against the cabin below. "At the time, there was a unit bench that conflicted (rubbed) against the roof and then screwed the other unit bench. Then the traveler screamed," he said. At the time of the event, visitors to Yogyakarta Sekaten were full.

Initially, according to the seller that the booth was not far from the vehicle, only one cabin had a backbone. There are three other cabinets going down after officers keep the cabin to help reduce catching visitors. Therefore, the situation of the other three cabins is the best after the engine is turned off. "No one was injured, everyone survived. But, yes, it is shaking of fear," he said.

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Monitoring TimeThis reversing event did not disturb the excitement and Sekaten that was filled with thousands of visitors. The queue of visitors who are waiting for a while to run a number of rides is still much after that event.

Chief Officer of Yogyakarta Gondomanan Police Commissioner for Nengah Lotama said the police would continue to investigate the incident. "Especially for this circuit, we ask not to act first, stop it until there is further co-ordination and finding the case," he said in the scene on Sunday 11 November 2018. .

Nengah did not want to guess about the incident's case. "When the information crashes and turns off the lights because there are smokers (joke) and that the bench has been swelling and rocking," he said.

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