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Cheaper Air Ticket, Passenger Damri Bus Up 10 Percent


Damri Bus (Antara)

JAKARTA, AYOBANDUNG.COM – Damri Bus demand has increased by 10 per cent due to one of the factors as aircraft passengers move to a landline driven by airline fares in recent months.

"There is a slight demand for inter-provincial inter-faith buses of around 10 per cent due to rising plane tickets," said Perum's Director Damri Setia N. Milatia Moemin at the Jakarta Media Meeting on Thursday (05/23 / 2019).

However, Setia hopes that demand will continue to increase during the time when Eid comes back. "But, we expect even higher because it is approaching Eid," he said.

On the other hand, as the price of air fares has also reduced the number of passengers from the Damri side to the airport.

"Since airline tickets have risen, we have seen a small reduction in transport to the airport. The sales are down," he said.

In Lebaran Transport this year, Damri has prepared 150 bus units which are also being prepared for operations on the Trans-Java Road Doll.

He also predicts that the government will operate one way from 30 May to 2 June 2019.

"One way we should be able to keep our schedule. Our driver seems to already know exactly the area that is being passed," he said.

The faithful view of the action is a challenge where the managers must prepare it, especially to be in line with the schedule.

"Indeed, this is a separate challenge, what we will do is manage fleet so that the fleet arrives on time although we do not have a spare fleet that can take it straight on time without waiting for; The fleet returned, "he said.

He mentioned that he had prepared 166 spare fleets if they were stuck in traffic.

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