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Case Ms. Nuril, Tips to Facial Sexual Harassment Verbal


TEMPO.CO, The Jakarta – – Case Ms. Nuril attracted public attention because the victim of sexual abuse was sentenced. Baiq Nuril Maknun is an honorary professor at a secondary school in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara.

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In 2017, Mother Baiq Nuril often receive calls that include seduction from the headmaster in the secondary school with the initials. M Failing to be abolished and often over the phone and did not want to be accused of having a relationship with the headteacher, then Ibu Nuril recorded the conversation.

The recording provided the basis for the Mataram City Education Office to move M from the post of headmaster. However, M reported Ms. Nuril because she is considered to spread an immoral content. This case is from Mrs. Nuril has reached the casing step.

The Supreme Court said Baiq Nuril Maknun was guilty of distributing or transmitting anxious content as set out in article 27 paragraph 1 of Electronic Information Law and Proceedings (ITE).

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The case of Ibu Nuril is a lesson for women on how to respond and fight orally abusive sexual abuse. Sexual harassment is unnecessary sexual driving, it can be the form of applications for sexual activity or other oral behavior of a sexual nature.

Quote Fairygod Boss, following suggestions in verbal abuse of sexual abuse.

1. Documenting abuse
When verbal sexual abuse occurs, many people feel that they can not do anything and do not know how to respond. This condition is very normal because the victim is confused about what to do, especially if the social status is under the perpetrator.

Therefore, if abuse occurs, try to record the details of the abuse as soon as possible. State what is said, who is involved, when the abuse occurred, the time and date of abuse, also record what you feel when the abuse occurs.

2. Check the rules
Most workplaces have official policies and procedures for reporting sexual harassment. We recommend that you study the rules before reporting because people who experience sexual abuse are often considered stupid or hard to believe. Especially if there are cases of abuse from senior at work.

3. Looking for support
Many victims of sexual abuse assume that police involvement can make them uncomfortable or not get the support they need. So, you should seek support that can provide comfort. Perhaps friends or dependents in their fields, such as psychologists, can advise on how to deal with sexual abuse.

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