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Burning Surabaya, Families of Victims Completed to the Chamber of Soetomo Hospital


SURABAYA, – The victim family hit by mining trains on Jl Pahlawan thriving morgue Soetomo Surabaya Hospital on Friday (11/09/2018).

They were awaiting assurances from Polrestabes Police Police regarding the consequences of the dead victim's identification.

Two bodies of victims of mortal events in the viaduk, which are boys and teenagers who are still a dozen years old, have been moved to morgue RSUD Dr. Soetomo Surabaya

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One female victim was successfully identified by her family. Named the victim Erikawati (9), a third grade student in Kalimas Barat, SD.

Meanwhile, teenage boys have not been named because the police have not identified any identity in the victim.

The Polrestabes Team of Inafis Surabaya is still trying to identify the identity of the young male victim.

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The party had difficulty identifying victims using ID devices in the form of a Mobile Automatic Multi-Biometric Identification System (MAMBIS). The reason is that underage victims are not recorded by E-KTP.

Kapolrestabes Surabaya said, Mr. Comr. Rudi Setiawan, her side along with the Identification Team and INAFIS to record and fingerprints of the dead.

"The exam is still limited interview "The victims have been treated by the Laka Lantas Polrestabes Surabaya Unit about a train crash," he said.

Rudi explained that there were seven people who were still being treated at Dr M Soewandhie RSUD Hospital in Surabaya. The victim's condition had broken arms and legs.

"This is our concern to us about this train lacquer so that people understand this lane (viaduk) better at just a railway crossing," he came to the conclusion.

Previously reported, the "Burning Surabaya" theater performance to commemorate the Day of Heroes in Surabaya was paid on Friday (11/09/2018). Some viewers fall from the viaduk when the train goes.

Temporary information was collected in the scene, two people died from being run over by a train. A viewer could record the fall of a number of viaduk viewers.

The video has spread in the group of watshapp journalists. In the video recorded about 8:00 p.m., the train seems to pass at a low speed. Although a number of theater viewers have extended to the right when the train passes.

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