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Behind Happiness of His Life, Zaskia Sungkar is hoping to get Momongan


JAKARTA, – The role of artist Zaskia Sungkar feels very grateful for the blessings and the gifts that the Creator has given him for so long.

"Alhamdulillah, do not let Allah dissolve his party. Given the good man, Masya Allah, a cool, cool house, God is ready," Zaskia said in Soemantri GOR, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Tuesday (05/21/2019 ).

The role of the artist Irwansyah hopes to continue to have so much pleasure until the end of her life.

Although there were other hopes, Zaskia claimed that he did not want too much and let that desire to the Creator.

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Zaskia's current desire is just one. The sister artist Shireen Sungkar is keen to have a baby.

"I am on my own with Irwan, yes, and to this day the intention (of having a baby) is not yet to come. I have been like this for eight years, yes, like this. , thankfully God is beautiful, "he said.

"God was ready, I prayed, asked my heart to make a better effort (to have a child)," he said again.

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