Wednesday , December 8 2021

Arsenal News – Horror Injury Testing, Danny Welbeck awarded to hospital


Welbeck had a serious problem with an ankle when playing against the Sports League in the Europa League.

Arsenal found an unpleasant news after the Danny Welbeck attacker who had a severe ankle injury in confrontation with FC Sport in the Europa League group group on Friday (9/11) early morning morning.

Welbeck, who scored Arsenal's winning goal in Portugal some time ago, stretched the field with a replacement instead of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the 29 minutes.

Manchester United's former member manager found the injury after dualization feedback Sport Bruno Gaspar appears to have been moving away from space due to his fall in the wrong situation.

The international side of England received a medical treatment on the field with the help of an oxygen hose and Uni Emery's manager confirmed that he was immediately binding to hospital.

Arsenal Danny Welbeck Sporting Europe

"Worst news tonight is a wound [Welbeck] "Emery said at the press conference session." We believe it is a serious injury.

"He was binding to hospital. We are waiting [kabar lebih lanjut].

"Danny is working hard. He's a very good person, his commitment to us is very great.

"This injury is very hard for him, for us and for everyone."

The party brought Arsenal and Sporting together at the Emirates Stadium last night in removing a goal.

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