Monday , July 4 2022

Antonio Conte, Ronaldo refused to select Mourinho and Pochettino


BOLASPORT.COM – Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo is reported to have called Juventus to appoint Jose Mourinho, as the club's new manager.

Juventus announced that Massimiliano Allegri would resign from his post after five years in his duties.

Antonio Conte is said to be a potential Juventus manager with his return to Turin.

While Tottenham Hotspur Mauricio Pochettino is said to have held discussions with Serie A.

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Former Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho

However, according to Italy's daily news, Ronaldo wants Juventus to manage former Manchester United and Real Madrid managers.

The report showed that Ronaldo wanted to meet again with his fellow countryman and former coach.

Juventus stars disagree with the idea of ​​replacing Allegri with Antonio Conte.

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