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Ahmad Dhani presents Mobile Phones, The Police Will Continue to Search Housing


Surabaya – Ahmad Dhani Prasetyo, suspected in defamation, came to an end over additional evidence in the mobile phone format he used to upload in vlog. However, the police said they would still search Dhani's house in Jakarta because there was much other additional evidence that he had not yet completed.

"We will continue to carry out searches at the house of Ahmad Dhani," said the Head of Dyfed-Powys Police Vice Directorate D AKBP Harissandi Crime in his statement to reporters on Monday (12/11) last night.

According to him, in the search, he would look for an account that Dhani used to share his vlog. In the vlog people who showed at the Surabaya Majapahit Hotel called an idiot. This is because the administrative account and all technical procedures are held in the house in Jakarta.

On the other hand, Harissandi confirmed that the suspicion Ahmad Dhani originally presented information from three witnesses to mitigate, expert witnesses from ITE, witnesses of criminal law experts and linguistic witnesses. But so far the witnesses in question did not exist yet, not to meet the researchers.

"We agreed, for 14 days or two weeks, because it was being investigated as suspicious, Ahmad Dhani would present expert witnesses who would illuminate it to be included in the investigation report (BAP). But they do not exist until now, "said Harissandi.

According to him, without the evidence of expert witnesses that are lighting, the BAP will be delegated to the Prosecutor's General Prosecutor (JPU Kejati) East Java if additional evidence is already required. "We also ensure that we can not wait for additional information from expert witnesses presented by the suspicion Ahmad Dhani.

Not easy

In the meantime before Ahmad Dhani entered the V Division of Cyber ​​Crime Ditreskrimum East Java Regional Police on Monday, he told reporters that he had said that the purpose of his coming that day was not just a transfer Evidence of cell phones. Although three expert witnesses were promised, until he left the examination room, he could not attend. The suspicion revealed the difficulty of obtaining consent to bring expert witnesses to Surabaya.

"I have an expert witness but for permission from the place where he worked, it was not easy," I, Ahmad Dhani, left the researcher's room.

The expert witnesses intended by the suspect is Teguh Apriyadi, one of the ITE experts who helped to formulate the ITE Law of the Ministry of Communications and Information. Dhani claimed that he had sent a letter asking Teguh to be a witness, but admitted that an easy answer was not easy.

"For other expert witnesses, it can be easy, but for witnesses, a very expert, Teguh Apriyadi, is not easy," said Dnai.

He also confirmed in the researcher's room except giving evidence, he also made a suspicious board on top of his head. "Yes, I transmitted the evidence, with the same fingerprints as the suspicious picture board," said Ahmad Dhani, smiling his third son Abdul Qodir Jaelani and a lawyer.

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