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A Father's Victimization of His Son to Death in Frequently Performing Violence Since Dating


JAKARTA, – It is known that the man with the initial letters MS (23), a resident of Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta who was persecuting his own son to death, often committed violence since dating with his wife.

This was conveyed by the chief police officer of Kebon Jeruk AKP Erick Sitepu, Saturday (05/04/2019).

"From the initial inspection it was known that MS was often victimized since the courtesy of his wife," Erick said.

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Regarding now MS and his wife, SK (22) are psychologically examined by DKI Jakarta's Child Empowerment and Child Protection Agency (P2TP2A).

It was previously known that a 3 month old child had been found dead by his biological mother on 27 April with bruises and biting marks.

"The baby died on Saturday, April 27 when he was taken to the puskesmas, his parents asked for a death certificate to the puskesmas, and the puskesmas were rejected. report, "Erick explained

After his application was rejected, Erick continued, and the fearful offender came to the victim's body home immediately.

"Then on Tuesday (30/4/2019) the offenders returned to the puskesmas and asked for a death certificate," Erick continued.

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The puskesmas refused the request again and the puskesmas then reported the incident to the police.

"Finally, we caught the perpetrator on Wednesday (1/5/2019)," he said.

When interviewed by reporters on Friday (05/03/2019) yesterday, SK said that his son had been killed in persecution when he went to market.

"I went to the market and finished buying breakfast, bought vegetables, went home when I went in. I saw that my child was lying weak and had bruises on the forehead and biting wounds on the cheek," said SK .

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