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6 Signs of Your Junior Disease, Among Other Things Yellow Skin and Declining Weight Loss


Here are six signs that your liver has disease. Yellow skin and lower body weight can be a sign. Read more here!

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The liver or liver is a body organ with many functions.

It will be very fatal to the body if your liver has an illness.

So knowing the signs of damage to the liver is very necessary.

Here are 6 signs that a disease has attacked your liver o Tuesday (21/2019).

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1. Skin turns yellow

Yellow (©

If you experience these symptoms, there is likely to be a problem with your liver.

This condition is called jaundice causing yellow skin pigmentation, white eyes and mucus.

Yellow appears because of too much bilirubin with orange-orange pigment found in liver bile.

When the liver is healthy, bilirubin is easily removed.

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