Saturday , January 22 2022

5 Things To Do By Conflicting Valleys with Jerinx SID, YouTube Profit to Multiple Multiple Fideool Videos


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Starting from a song, it is now known that Via Vallen conflicts with the drummer of the Superman Is Dead (SID) band, Jerinx.

The discussion between them is being debated.

The reason, Jerinx SID through his Twitter account and Instagram throws charges against Via Vallen that he is of the opinion that it is copyright infringement.

The Balinese band drummer mentioned the operation of Via Vallen to bring a song in the Sunset in the Anarchy Land & # 39; without consent inaccurate.

Even more talk about a netizen is that Jerix SID also calls Using abusive and inappropriate words.

Jerinx SID says that, if Via Vallen enriches itself from other work, then it is not different to pela ***.

He was quoted by the Tribe Beleb (12/11/2018), by admitting to be very boring and feeling degraded.

Through claims to be very sad to hear, Jerinx also made the name of his mother mentioned with a child as mentioned earlier.

By more, it reveals the attitude of Jerinx SID when it happens with a sister / sister / mother.

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