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WATCH: Max Verstappen threatens punch & # 39; Force India Esteban Ocon


Without: Reuters Sao Paulo

Published: November 12, 2018 12:31:31 pm

Red Bull's Max Verstappen during qualification at the Brazilian Grand Prix Max Verstappen lost Red Bull and Esteban Ocon of the Indian Police during the Brazilian Grand Prix. (Source: Reuters)

Verstappen Max Formula stewards ordered two days of public service for a fierce confrontation with Esteban Ocon of the Indian Police following a collision that cost the Red Bull driver in Brazil on Sunday.

Verstappen was leading Interlagos when he tried to pass Ocon, who tried to restore the site, but instead he had contacted her.

The impact that the 21-year-old Lowland sent into a spin and Lewis Hamilton's five-time champion allowed to win for Mercedes.

Red Bull's driver, who had called the French as an idiot over the radio in a more colorful language, was on TV unacceptable facing Ocon after the race and triggering him.

It was not unreasonable when asked for soon afterwards.

"We're passionate about the sport, right?" He said. "It would be strange if I'd shake her hand."

Verstappen rejected those who said he had taken things too far, adding: "I do not worry what those people say. I'm a winner. pulling out like that and then getting a stupid response from her side too, I was unhappy about that, "he added.

The stewards said in a statement after calling the two drivers that the public service would have to do in the FIA's governing direction within the next six months.

They said that Verstappen had gone into the weighing garage, and following a few words, a change began, pushed or struck Ocon excessively in the chest. "

He received his explanation that he had not intended to hit Ocon originally but had lost his temper.

"Although it is compatible with Verstappen's passion, the Stewards decided that it was mandatory for learners at this level to act properly and as role models for other drivers at all levels and to find that Verstappen failed in this regard. "

The stewards had already given a 10-minute stopping / stopping penalty to Ocon during the race for causing the collision – a penalty that Force Force team Otmar Szafnauer was unhappy and unhappy.

"I do not think Max has left any room for him," he said to Sky Sports, "You have the right to relax yourself," he said, dismissing as a conspiracy theory; Any suggestion that Ocon's long-term contract with Mercedes plays any part in his deeds.

"He asked us if I can relax myself?" He was unsure. And we said, yeah, go ahead. "

Ocon also joined, saying that he had been on fresher tires and spread faster and Verstappen's race was not out of order.

"What I am very surprising about is Max's behavior coming into the scales. The FIA ​​must stop it from being violent, pushing me and eager to get my turn and that is not professional, "said the 22-year-old person.

"I used to fight with Max, it's always been the same. It's going back a couple of years," he added.

Hamilton suggested that Verstappen might have used more notice on the right track, telling the Dutch so much before the podium celebrations. "You had lost more than he did. He did not have anything to lose," he said.

Red Bull's team manager, Christian Horner, said that it was a horrible act; Ocon's actions and was "fortunate to get rid of a pussy".

"Emotions run high. I told him (Verstappen) just down yourself down the knee because he had lost a victory with no fault today , "he added.

"It's very frustrated to him and the team."

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