Sunday , August 14 2022

This is What You Had PlayStation Play Condition


You know how even if you're not worried about Nintendo, can you still get caught up in Nintendo Direct's excitement? A publisher who gives a little news news conference to the press can not immediately help but pick up a hype. So after years of Nintendo Directs becoming bonafide organizations, other publishers are naturally going to try the format for themselves. Microsoft has been experimenting with Inside Xbox shows, to mixed results. And now Sony has just released its first Play Condition, Nintendo Direct for PlayStation games.

Look at it!

I'm not a huge PlayStation man, so I'm not one to judge whether this video had excited fans or not. However, my immediate takeaway is that given the huge number of PlayStation 4s Sony has already sold, they now seem more eager to convert more of those core users to PlayStation VR owners. Arguably, the most exciting disclosures here are similar to VR VR Iron Man, Five Night's Freddy's VR, VR Golf everyone, Trover Saves the Universe o Rick a Morty Justin Roiland, and VR support for the future No Sky Man Beyond expansion.

We had trailers for big third party games like Mortal Kombat 11 a Falls Team Racing. Given the PlayStation Crash Bandicoot lineage, it's nice to see the PS4 version having unique retro skins, carts, and tracks.

And of course Days have passed remains a game that exists. That was the first big party trailer, not Last part of Us or Spirit of Tsushima.

So, although it hasn't been great, it seems that this first State of Play is at least a good start. Between this and the lack of Sony E3 show, we feel that the company is trying to rule out the proven success of PS4 until the next generation. But if they work out the coats now, the future of future States for the PlayStation 5 could be true for staying greatness.

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