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The Supreme Court to hear 42 review petitions on the Sabarimala tomorrow's award


The Supreme Court on Tuesday will hear 42 petitions asking for a review of the earlier award that allowed women of all ages to enter the Sabarimala temple.

Ranjan Gogoi's Chief Justice has listed all the review petitions to listen at 3 pm tomorrow.

Supreme Court's decision on Sabarimala has triggered huge protests by Hindu and devotee organizations across Kerala.

Although the court appealed on October 28 allowing access to all the daughters into the Hindu sanctuary, so far a woman of menstrual age has not been able to go to the temple as devotees and members of Sangh Parivar stopped halfway.

To date, around 14 women, including two journalists, have tried to visit the temple with police safety, but they put their efforts after a huge resistance by devotees. Sabarimala temple treats women between 10 and 50 years of entering the temple building.

He followed protests and massive violence after Pandalam Royals and the priest's head dismissed the ruling and threatened to close the temple if menstrual men tried to enter the temple.

Kerala, the First Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan and CPIM have taken it on their own to execute the court order while also welcoming the notable award.

The government suffered a rehabilitation when the top police officers who had security operations in Sabarimala took their leave and other Sannidanam officials were ejected when tension was removed on 6 November and the RSS leaders took control of the situation. Fakes's photos and campaigns have ruined the Pinarayi government in the Sabarimala debate.

"No miracle will happen with the Sabarimala ruling. The legal fraternity knows that the Supreme Court will not reverse the ruling. Just another practice is to restore petitions to keep the issue alive, "Dr Sebastine Paul, lawyer of the Supreme Court and former Senate Member, to India Today TV.

According to Paul, for BJP and Sangh, the ruling offered a "unconstitutional political place to a violent engineer by raising up to Hindu's feelings on Sabarimala, and this is the only opportunity for them".

"Sane's thoughts, whether Hindu or non-Hindu, ruled the Supreme Court's ruling to raise the ban on menstrual women visiting the temple to adhere to the law. But Hindu organizations sponsor violence and protests against the shadow war ruling on the Constitution They have challenged the Constitution under the faith cover The Supreme Court had made it clear that the Constitution was strong and above religion and that every citizen has the duty and responsibility to maintain the Constitution, "said the lawyer.

PM breaks her head

Paul further answered that the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, due to his clear silence on the Sabarimala row, had broken his job.

"Prime Minister Modi is the main accusation in sponsoring violence over the Sabarimala ruling. Although his party is an engineering violence in Kerala, the main party of Amit Shah appeals for violence and the prime minister is silent. his party president has already indicated that the BJP would prefer to have a comprehensive judiciary in India. It reminds one of the Urgent days and Modi-Shah has started to follow Mrs Gandhi over RSS ideologies such as Hedgewar or Sawarkar. Now, Mrs Gandhi is leading Modi and Shah want to demolish our democratic liquors, "Paul said.

But devotees and Hindu organizations are hopeful and pray for an intervention by the Supreme Court. "I am very positive about the intervention of the Sabarimala court. We have been praying for it," said President of People for Dharma, Silpa Nair, who filed a review petition against the ruling.

According to her, the devotees are worried by the ruling.

"We, Hindus have the right to exercise our faith and rituals without interruption. We do not possess others who practice their faith. But in the Sabarimala ruling, our faith has been threatened and it is & # 39 The government is trying to harm our feelings in the name of the execution of the ruling, so it's not a matter of it, but it is not faith and not actism but it's only our tradition, "Silpa started a campaign We're ready to & # 39 ; Waiting for, with India Today TV.

In the meantime, the government has taken stock of the situation and has intended to brief the bench about the violence that followed after the ruling and actions taken by the government to implement & # 39; the order.

"We are awaiting responses from the Supreme Court and will definitely summarize the accounts of violence if the bench calls," said an official from the Ministry of Law of India Today TV.

The pilgrimage season is due to start from November 16th and will end on January 14.

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