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The Royal Tiger Bengal may have had a transplant found Odisha forest, had been injured while trying to get out of a trap. india news


The three-year-old male tiger, relocated from Madhya Pradesh to the Satkosia reserve in the Odisha & Angul area, is more likely to die due to wound wound, says wildlife officers on Thursday.

Officials told the Times Hindustan that the tiger carcase was found 500 meters from the Raigoda area of ​​the reserve at 1 pm. The tiger, identified as a MB2 named by Satakosia Mahavir, was moved as part of the first Tiger Tiger rehabilitation exercise in the country from the Bandhavgarh Madhya Pradesh National Park to the Odisha reserve earlier this year.

P Ramaswamy, the regional rainforest of Satkosia tiger, said the place and place was in the backwater of Niwgarh from the Athgarh forest, which is intended to be included in the tiger reserve. The carcase lay under a bush when the officers saw.

"On a prima facie investigation of the carcass, there has been a deep wound having infected with a deep and five-day weight in the tiger's throat region that could be the cause of the death," said Ramaswamy, who has appoint the officer to investigate the question.

"The site has not been harassed in accordance with the NTCA protocol (National Tiger Conservation Authority). The exact cause of death and the time of the case will be detected after a detailed post mortem examination. is burned after post-mortem, "he said.

Officials reported that a team involving veterinary doctors, NTCA representative, local NGOs and others in accordance with the NTCA operational procedure had been formed to carry out the post-mortem examination.

Mahavir, which boosted 195 kg, was brought to the Tiger Satkosia reserve on June 21 from Bandhavgarh after a 22 hour long journey. I'll be released later to the core area and have modified itself with the new environment. Officials said he had joined the only tigress of the last month's reserve.

Although officers were tightly blocked for the reason behind the injury, sources said that the tiger could have a shelter in a fracture set by feeders for holding a wild hill and deer.

"The tiger may have an injury on his throat while trying to get out of the lap," said a source.

There were two surveillance teams to watch tiger movements, but officials said they did not find any unusual movements in recent days.

Wildlife experts expressed their surprise about how the tiger's movement could not be detected despite the frequency of radio and the satellite collar on its throat.

Tiger watchman, Ullas Karanth, said that the personnel of the Odisha forest department had professionalism and expertise in tracking it.

"Only having a radio collar on the tiger throat is enough. Experts need to be tracked regularly," said Karanth.

He said that the authorities, including NTCA and WII, should have considered the tiger reserve prey base before introducing the tigers.

"Tiger wants at least 500 prey for survival. A precise emergency prey study using a linear method is an appropriate procedure. I suspect if this was done," he said.

PK Sen, formerly the director of the Tiger Project in an interview to HT, had questioned that the relocation exercise also called the prey base in Satkosia so that it was not enough to support large cats.

"Satkosia is not an area abolished by any piece of imagination and there are few brothers there. In 1996, I had opposed Satkosia as a tiger reserve. It's a catastrophic exercise," he said.

The tiger relocation exercise is already in trouble since September when a Sundarian tigress, relocated from Bandhavgarh in June, claimed that a 45-year-old girl was living near the reserve to death. Although he had not yet been confirmed if the daughter died because of a tiger attack, the incident was provoking violence by local people that burned the forest department and beaten house.

On October 21, Sundari had killed a 65-year-old man living in the reserve to death while he was going to explore his potato cube. With public anger fraud, the state's wildlife officials decided to silence the tigress and only last week after a series of failed operations could be held.

State forest minister Bijoyshree Routray wanted to send Sundari to Nandankanan zoo, but wildlife officers have decided to keep it in a special field within the Tiger reserve.

The officers admitted that the deaths dealt with the body blown into the ambitious tile relocation exercise created by the ministry of the environment and forests of the Union, the National Tiger Conservation Authority and the Indian Wildlife Foundation.

Under the exercise, six potential (three pairs) of Madhya Pradesh reserves were sent to Odisha. After Mahavir and Sundari, there was a male rebellion that sent from Kanha and three of them were organized from two national parks at Madhya Pradesh.

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