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New York, NY, November 20, 2018 – ( – Antal Rockenbauer is an Emeritus Professor of the Hungarian Science Academy. He published his research on "Equation Dirac Equation for Ffinions Elementary based on Applying 8-Dimensional Spinors." DOI: 10.13140 / RG.2.2.23994.90569

In his work, Dirac's equation was extended by the application of 8-dimensional spindlers for decaying the square root in a special relevance covariant equation. Subsequently, the resulting quantum theory developed through the rendering of operators for the remainder and mass of the rest.

It was found that these operators commuted with Hamiltonian electron and positron in the electromagnetic field. However, after observation, it was seen that they did not commute for neutral and leavers. For neutrality, the values ​​of mass expectation and erection were zero, which allowed these particles to move on with light speeds.

Rockenbauer noted that a neutral momentum touched the unique values ​​of Hamiltonian rendering. for the three types of neutrinos. This fact explains why the neutrinos may oscillate.

After a further investigation, it was noted that the mass or pay operators did not commute Hamiltonians for quarks. However, it was found that "fractional pay and restated mass could be considered as operators' expectation values."

According to Rockenbauer, the measurements should have given accuracy of the pay operator and, since then, a fractional charge could not be found other than the possibility of observing free complaints.

Rockenbauer assessed that such a difference would have been significant when he talked about the questions why no quarks could be observed for free or how the neutrinos could oscillate, because electromagnetic interaction only exists under the above conditions and no weak or strong interaction.

Rockenbauer has further explained the relative equation of Dirac and how he gave a perfect description of electromagnetic electron properties in his study.

After a detailed study by Rockenbauer, he suggested an analysis of the square root by inserting an eight dimension spin. This not only offered operators for the remainder and mass of the rest but also resulting in an extended and extended definition for momentum.

During the study, the other confusion of particle physics explained why quarks could not be found for free. Rockenbauer felt that the above problems added more fuel to the usefulness of a study, especially when weak and strong interactions are not considered for neutrinos and quarks.

He ordered that the weak interaction only played a role in the creation and elimination process for the neutrinos. However, it was seen that, when the oscillation occurred, at that time but that electromagnetic interactions could be present.

It was found that the main auditor was the reason why no free quarks would exist, and that this question had been developed in the study conducted by Rockenbauer.

Rockenbauer has explained that the collections of this paper only refer to single particles in non-bonded states.

Rockenbauer came to the research collection by saying that the following relative quantum mechanics could explain why the neutral oscillation could even be avoided when the particles had no rest mass . It also described why free quarks could not be found with fractional payments.

The study shows that avoidance and guarantee of neutral kits reveals the presence of conceptual significance in the development of a general closing equation. In addition to the above, it was concluded that the fractional fraction of the two or three quarks could be attributed to a fractional fraction of the fractional fraction, while the weak interaction of the transformation processes caused zero and mass mass remuneration to neutrinos from the weak interaction of fermions.

Rockenbauer shares that the multi-particulate theory can be based on strong and weak interaction, according to every likelihood, to describe the quantum statements where the mentioned properties are given as the expectations of the expectation of the charge and rest mass operators.

Rockenbauer's great paper on the extended diracation equation for elementary fermions is a great contribution in physics. Many physicists can look at their research and contribute further in the study that he has taken.

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Antal Rockenbauer was born on July 6, 1938 in Budapest, and graduated in 1962 at Roland Eotvos University, Budapest, in the Faculty of Physics. He won a PhD degree in 1965, the DSC Academy of Hungarian Sciences in 1985 and was used in 1997. He is a scientific advisor and emeritus professor at the Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, the Center for Natural Sciences Research, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences . He is a private child in the Department of Physics, Bangor University, Technology and Economics, as well as at Roland Eotvos University. He was awarded the title of a doctor honoris causa in 2007 by the Université de Provence. He is engaged in various international cooperation (Université de Provence, Aix-Marseille, Tianjin Medical University, China; Ohio State University, Columbus, USA). Its work focuses on the structure and dynamics of studying radicals of ESR spectroscopy radros for free and metal transforming complications. He also studied magnetic features of high Tc superconductors and nanostructures, and labeling spin for biological materials. It developed two-dimensional simulation procedures for interpreting ESR spectrum. It also deals with theoretical questions of quantum relativistic mechanics and particle physics. He published 300 scientific papers quoted around 4 500 times.

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