Tuesday , July 5 2022

Sarkar & # 39; gets four cuts after protests by AIADMK's resilience


Makers of actor Vijay, leading actor Sarkar, who are Tamil's political broadcast, announced four cuts in the film that has been inspired by a debate ever since Diwali was released.

Over the last few days, workers from the AIADMK Tamil Nadu claimed that there were some scenes in the film against the government. According to the report, Sarkar has a few scenes showing that seamless frees have been pulled in cards. AIADMK Ministers have also come out as a protest against naming the movie of the movie (played by Varalaxmi) & Komalavalli, & # 39; who was also the former name of Jayalalithaa, UK Prime Minister.

Following protests across the State, the makers announced that the following cuts in the film were:

a. The visa of free throw (mix, grinder) in fire will be deleted

b. The name Comala & # 39; hide it by referring to the full name of Komalavalli & # 39;

c. There will be two dialogues that refer to Podhuppanithurai & # 39; a & quot; 56 varusham & # 39; are also taken.

Theaters across Tamil Nadu on Thursday were vandalized by AIADMK party matches, asking for canceled shows. Posters and flags that included Vijay were destroyed in parts of Chennai and Madurai. "The police had come to my house late tonight and hit the door several times. As I was not there, they left the property. At the moment I was told that there is no police outside my house, "tweeted Murugados. Later it was reported that the police had arrived to defend the director.

Earlier today, AR Murugadoss referred to the High Madras Court asking for bail forecasting.

Many celebrities including the actors of Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth and Vishal came out to support Vijay and Sarkar.

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