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Samsung Discloses Phone Foldable-Screen Smart – WSJ



Samsung Electronics

, suffering from handset slides, has revealed a foldable foldable mobile phones such as a book and opens up to the size of the tablets.

At a developer's showcase event on Wednesday, Samsung said that the 7.3-inch phone when it was opened would be ready for mass production over the next few months. It's proud of a smaller, less outdoor display – called a cover window – allowing users to check emails and perform other basic tasks when closing.

Samsung, which is one in five phone calls worldwide, is looking at a splash device to help raise sales, as consumers continue to set their handsets longer and low cost gains strength. Last week, the world's smart smartphone maker reported that its third quarter mobile profits had split by a third.

Universal digital phone loads rejected 8% for the three months ending on September 30, the fourth quarter of refusal, according to Strategy Analytics, which described the industry as "effective in a recession." Samsung shipments, meanwhile, have dropped even more by 13%.

The Wall Street Journal reported in July that Samsung was developing a foldable screen device targeted for early relief next year.

As the final design is still being determined, the South Korean technology from the display shows that it can be foldable – it's called "Infinity Flex" – with the lights & Disregard Justin Denison, vice president of the marketing of Samsung's mobile product, showed on a prototype how the phone could run three programs at the same time when it opened.

"The Flex Infinity exhibition is the base for a smart phone tomorrow," said Mr Denison.

Foldable screen phones become a lovely race. At least four Samsung warriors, including


and Huawei Technologies Co., have tried patents for folding models. Last week, Chinese small company Royole, the world's first foldable screen device, has a 7.8-inch screen that can bend 180 degrees.

The foldable handheld would shake the basic design for smart phones, which has maintained a similar look for more than a decade. But analysts say that a folding device, tablet size could go to $ 2,000, so Samsung operators have recognized that they need to produce compelling materials to justify the steep price.

Suwon, South Korea company has held discussions with Netflix Inc. and YouTube, a parent parent unit

The Alphabet

on how to optimize the content for a bending screen device, the Journal reported last week.

However, the mobile phone market is projects to be small to start: Analytics Strategy forecasts will represent only 1% of all smartphones sold next year and 4% in 2023.

Samsung has also revealed plans to open Bixby, his virtual home assistant, for third-party developers for the first time. Like


Alexa, Bixby needs voice app developers outside to create functions – Samsung calls "capsules" – for people of technology. These capsules, which reported the Journal last week, would allow users to give voice tips to stream music, to order pizza or to put a taxi.

Late eating for the virtual assistant race, Samsung's Bixby is an advantage over competitors because the company sells more than half a billion televisions, phones and home appliances a year. The company has promised all its devices to get Bixby by 2020.

"A new generation of technology developments has opened the door at a speed that we have never seen from before," said D.J. Koh, Samsung's main mobile phone.

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