Wednesday , December 8 2021

PS4 New Pro Models are Not Wiccore


Photo: Sony

Although the PlayStation 4 Pro has been out in the wild for two years now, it has recently had some hardware improvements that change its high quality. According to recent analysis of Digital Foundry, noise reduction in the latest replay of the console is currently only available as part of Red Dead Repayment 2 bundle, makes it much worse than the launch model.

We are all familiar with a large hardware redesign that takes place a few years after the launch of a new console. In 2016, three years after the original PS4 released, Sony launched the PS4 Slim, original refining, and the PS4 Pro, a safer version that can make 4K and non-native HDR and improve loading times for some games. Recently, without any fierce Sony, the design of the PS4 Pro was thweaked, leading to the console series 7100 and 7200.

The 7000 series arrived in the form of a PS4 Pro birthday edition, only 50,000 of them were released worldwide in late August. Then there's a series of 7200, which arrived in October, according to Digital Foundry, just in the Red Dead Repayment 2 launch PS4 Pro bundle. In its analysis, Digital Foundry discovered that the two versions of the console are increasingly worsening, publishing the 7200 "night and day improvement" series over the 7000 launch.

The whole comes down to heat. PS4 runs hot overall. If you have a launch issue, like me, you've spent much more time over the past year in fear of exploding playing games like Spider-Man a Odyssey Creed Assassin. PS4 Providers, although more powerful, can also be very high as this extra power consumption is going to better resolution, colors and other small increases. Which Digital Foundry discovered with the latest 7200 series is that it runs even tougher, as the fans run slower, so they make less noise.

Screen: Digital Foundry (YouTube)

Use some of the more intense scenes in graph God of war as a comparison, the 7200 series was found to run around five degrees more hot than the 7000 launch models. At the same time, the new PS4 Pro registered only 44 decibels at the top of the console, and 48db when measuring directly behind the fan, compared to 50dB and 55dB respectively on the 7000 series. Digital Foundry also noted that the top 7200 series power extraction was not a spike like the version 7000, staying on an apartment near 170 meters instead. As a result, cooling fans had a tendency to go up and down very quickly as a helicopter prepares away.

Based on a Digital Foundry investigation, the 7200 series does not achieve this with any significant hardware changes. Although the power supply port on the 7200 has been updated, replacing the kettle style cable port with the eight ports used on PS4 Slim, it seems that the real difference in cooling fans which is now targeting a higher temperature threshold.

Screen: Digital Foundry (YouTube)

I'm not very enthusiastic about hardware, and I often do not find my numbers over the number of teraflops in console graphic chips, but small improvements in quality of life such as noise reduction are something that's hard I commented. Different five decibels might sound very hard on paper, but as someone who had never put the fans in their PC gambling properly and had to raise their voice on more than one occasion to talk over PS4, here & The kind of thing that would keep me prioritize hunting for a series of 7200 instead of settling for an older Pro PS4.

Unfortunately, it's not yet clear when people can get their hands out of the current Red Dead Repayment 2 bundles With the holiday season approaching, Sony may start their shipping alone. The company did not respond immediately to a request from Kotaku for comments on the matter. If you are in the market for a new PS4 Pro, make sure to keep the series number in mind.

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