Sunday , December 5 2021

NASA Juno Probe has given us a stunning new image of Oil Painting Stories; a Swirling Clouds & # 39; On Jiwns


The stunning and impressive storm on Jiwpiter was held in the new image in the North East Belt of the planet.

NASA Juno spacecraft has captured a new image of spectacular storms in the Middle East of Northern Ireland, which includes clouds pop-up & # 39; white and stunning imagination painted oil & on the planet.

Like the Daily Mail has reported, NASA has recently explained the image, "Appearing in the scene there are a number of bright white clouds, as well as an anticiconic storm, called white oval. of magnificent clouds, swirling in the Jupiter North Dynamic Belt Belt are caught. "

Jupiter's new photograph was captured by Juno spacecraft at 1:58 p.m. PDT on October 29 while the seeker was busy with the 16th planet flight, and a distance of 4,400 miles away from the huge fall clouds that were well caught in the image.

It was said that the image clearly demonstrates how strong the vets and jets are in the Northern Ireland Double Belt area, with clouds formed from either ammonium ice and water or ammonia consoles and ice.

Thanks to the scientists of the citizens of Gerald Eichstädt and Seán Doran that we have this lovely picture of Jupiter since the couple can create the new image out of data collected by the JunoCam image on NASA spacecraft.

When NASA published a photo of the new image of Jupiter on Twitter, it was suggested that it reminded the dragon's eye and invites to take part and give their views on what the clouds and storm took them.

Seán Doran believed that the dolphins were what he witnessed deeply fighting in the clouds of Jupiter's huge air.

Another recent similar image of a similar storm was held on Thursday Junior on September 6, which revealed what is called a "back look mirror" picture of the southern hemisphere of the planet. This specific image was created this time by the citizen scientist Gerald Eichstädt.

When the image was taken in September, the Juno editor was at this time a distance of about 55,600 miles away from the swirling clouds, as NASA noted.

& # 39; The better color image was taken at 7:13 p.m. PDT on September 6, 2018 (10:13 p.m. EDT) as the spacecraft performs its flight 15 from close Jupiter. "

Both of the new images in September and October have interesting stars as Juno other Jiwiter flyers focus on storms that marveled in the northern hemisphere of the planet.

Luckily NASA will keep the Juno spacecraft science operations running now until July 2021 so that we can continue to see new new images of clouds and storms Thursday sky crossing.

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