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Medals are not completely and finally: Pullela Gopichand


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P Gopichand can enjoy some famous names – Saina, Sindhu, Kashyap, Srikanth, Prannoy – as a successful poster – children from training. But she was a young girl who was flaming and was unable to hold a shuttle that was pulled 5 meters, which changed her approach to the definition of the country's sporting success. The man who worships the well-known Chinese work ethos in training in his first decade of mentoring – and has found great success to start – proves the need to expand sports , increase the country's physical literacy and go beyond "talented and talented" talents "when talking about sports now.

After testing his wards can win Olympic medals and World Championships, the 45-year-old student insists, "Medals can be just one of the reasons 30 to 40 to play sport."

It was a few years ago, however, when the young trainee gave it on Day 1. "The first thing we teach children in the academy is to throw a shuttle for them and keep them hold. This young woman caught 5 meters, and in the first place, we were born and moved to other beginners. When she walked up to me tell me how to catch it, I realized there are children that this does not become natural, "he said.


In its growing years, the norm was outdoors, but the coach had indicated that those were left behind in the excellent way of acneemic excellence. "We offer children alphabetically, numerical literacy, but not physical literacy. Crewing, walking, running, jumping, throwing and holding sports A, B, C, D. Adults really enjoy sport 370 more than children, "he added, emphasizing that running marathons and playing sports for health is commonplace, people are just as important as the medals that a country earns.

Emphasizing he regretted him that the backbacks of the newspapers were filled with global sports headlines and not city sports, the Gopichand opened the Mumbai Games – a city-based competition franchise model over a dozen disciplines – with a different decisive approach to excellence at the top of the pyramid.

"There's a talk, since only some (demographic) can win the 100m sprint, others should not try it. But does it mean we should not run the 100m? No. our best. The fastest person in Borivali or Prabhadevi or the quickest in my family should be good enough for someone to pursue, "he stressed.

Warning that sports absent people tend to start competing for things such as "I get the better house and the better car," Gopichand stepped out to say sporting sport should be enough . "A boy in my family, if you give him a ball, can play for hours with him. But you're calling someone else to compete with him, and he will walk to It's OK if some do not want to compete as long as they play the sport, "he added.

Given the prohibitive model of competitive sport and obsessing a country with medals, Gopichand remembered what Jawaharlal Nehru once said. "For many years, I did not think that this side of sport existed – a Nehru quote that participation is more important than winning. But I have understood its importance slowly. We need to go to away from the marketing blitz of sports and medals, and becoming hyper-local. "

The pursuit of excellence, Gopichand reckons, is inherently prohibited and unfair for children. "A PE teacher at school will choose 5 athletics children and leave 45 other people, but this is wrong because children show different developmental growth," he said. All 50 should take a shy in sport, the coach emphasized, in the interests of the benefits of truly tight sporting sport. Without spelling and the words "sports culture", Gopichand offered insights into a mature point of view that moves away from obsessions and country, and looks at sports holisticly.

When asked if compulsory sporting in schools was an ideal solution, Gopichand noted that that was too. "If you make it compulsory, the children will only play and succeed in feeding those marks for exams. We need PE teachers that motivate them play for the right reason, "he said. "What works fun, this is the only reason why people should play sports," he said, about the long-term sustainability of his craft.

Gopichand was also philosophical when asked about the advice he offered to wards when they were losing. "There's no right or wrong thing to do, every situation brings their own answers, losing is a part of sport, and every loss is an opportunity to learn from weaknesses. Get crossed & OK, and make everything else perfect – your thoughts, your food and your sleep, "it ended.

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