Wednesday , April 14 2021

Hockey World Cup: Pride to play India in the first game, says Dr Drummond, South African captain

South Africa arrives in India for the Hockey World Cup. (Source: India Hockey Twitter)

Playing India is the opening of the World Cup Hockey game and the challenge that any team expects, says Captain of Africa, Tim Drummond.

South Africa will play India in a pit C ending at the Kalinga Stadium on November 28.

"It will be a privilege to play India in the first game and test the crowd. I've heard that it's going to be very high with all the sailing," said Drummond.

"Although this is not the first time for me in India, many co-members are traveling here for the first time and are very proud of playing in Bhubaneswar, who is backed up great for hockey, "added South Africa captain.

They are confident that they will improve from their 10th place finish during the last issue.

"The best performance in South Africa in the past ended 10th and we will certainly look at improving that. We aim to give our best and make our country proud. We played four test games against France before arriving here, so we've had some good match-up practice before the tournament, "he added.

The team has started to get to Argentina, and there's already one of the amazing sides in the city.

Argentina's loop feeling, Gonzalo Peillat, said, "It will be a great tournament, playing in Bubaneswar again in front of a crazy crowd. The whole team looks forward to it and is very excited to be back."

The Olympic champions have a new coach in Germán Mariano Orozco, who replaced former Coach Carlos Retegui in early 2018 and a former Argentine defender played the Olympics in 2000 to 2004

"I think we've had a good experience and have played a lot of tournaments leading to the World Cup under the new Orozco coach. We've been performing well under it," said Peilat confident.

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