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Google Home 2.7 preps integrates Google Wifi settings, adds a type of OS OS device, and more [APK Insight]


Smart Displays allow an Assistant to provide visual feedback, but the clear benefits of the screen are a digital photo frame for Google Photos. Today, the Google Home Aids app update sets a "Minimum brightness" setting for the Home Hub, while there is a handful of minor Material Theme leaflets.

About APK Insight: In the job & APK Insight & # 39; this, we have disassembled the latest version of an application that Google has uploaded to the Play Store. When we disconnect these files (called APKs, in the case of Android apps), we can see different lines of code within that idea of ​​potential future features. Remember that Google could always continue with these features, and our interpretation of what they can be imperfect. We will try to enable people closer to being finished, however, to show how they will look in the case that they are a ship. With that in mind, read on.

Minimum brightness

Under Hub Hub Display Settings, there is a new control to "Set the smallest brightness of the screen," with options for Dark, No, Bright, and Brighter. However, it is not clear which state – "low light" or general use – this controls. All other locations are in the "General" section for the "low light" mode.

At present, installing any of the four options does not change anything on the Home Hub, with an associated firmware update that is likely to enable the feature.

Delete Match Voice

There are lower installations in the Device – under "Privacy" – there is a new "Delete Vocal Voice" shortcut that opens the Assistant Voice Assistant menu.

<img title = "Google Home 2.7 preps integrates Google Wifi settings, adds a type of OS OS device, and more [APK Insight]"class =" aligncenter wp-image-256100 size-medium "src =" -match.png? w = 700 "alt =" Google Home 2.7″ width=”700″ height=”456″/>

Material Theme Tweaks

Google Home 2.7 also includes some minor Theme Theme tweaks. Instead of just text and arrows, rectangular rectangular buttons are now raised in walking screens. There's also a little tweak for cards in the Explore tab.


In-development devices, such as Home Mini and Home Max are often listed in the Google Home app before release. The client's companion has always included "device_co". In Google Home 2.7, the string has been updated to reflect OS OS is the type of device referred to.

A possible reason that Chrome OS has listed in the Google Home app could be Chromebooks and screenshots and more having some Assistive Home features, or become a selective Cast target for users.

Google Home 2.6

Google Home 2.7


Built in Google Wifi settings

An unknown part of the Home Google strategy is its mesh networking solution. Google Wifi could now be integrated to the Google home app by a string of new strings that are specifically referred to the brand "Wifi" name, rather than "Wi-Fi" generic.

Open Wi-Fi Locations

DNS, WAN, LAN, more …

Wi-Fi network, password protected

Details, device installations, restart …

% f devices that have been connected.

Users would be able to access options such as DNS settings and devices, with a future version of the Google Home may also indicate how many devices have been connected to their network.



Wifi Test


Network check

Speed ​​Download

Test mesh



Higher networking


Cast Food Dog Facilitator

Google employees often experience early versions of software, with the Home Google app now protecting "Meat Dog Facilitator". Limited to employees, tests can choose a test device – including Chromecast on TV – for logs.

Cast Food Dog Facilitator

Choose your account and try again

No account was found, this feature has limited to running on devices that count

Can not verify with server

No device was selected!

Search for the device on site …

Msgid "Can not find the device, turn off Bluetooth and try again."

Download & log …

See log files for detailed error.

Msgid "Can not allocate anywhere to write & log".

The process was missed

Process, do not close this window

Submit feedback with log Cast

Show the debug overlay on the TV

Lack of transfer

After doing all!

This version of the Home Google app is confidential and contains features that have not yet been released. Do not share or discuss in public.

How to update?

Version 2.7 of Google Home is now underway through the Play Store. We do not post an APK download directly given the legal challenges associated with copyright and the possibility of disposing of them. In the meantime, that model is dangerous given by Android App Bundles and Dynamic Delivery Google Play.

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