Monday , January 17 2022

BCCI Chief Executive Rahul Johri says he "discharged" after being corrected in the case of sexual harassment


The sexual harassment allegations against BCCI Rahul Johri Chief Executive were rejected as "misconduct and fabric" by the BCCI Administrator Committee crew panel on Wednesday. And after the ruling, Rahul Johri becomes a liberation man. Responding to the development, Johri said, "I am releasing my faith in God that I will become clear in this mess." Earlier on Wednesday, the head of the Justice investigating committee (retd) Rakesh Sharma said his findings and said, "The allegations of sexual harassment in the office or elsewhere are false, unfounded and made and & # 39; Produced with a further incentive to damage Mr. Rahul Johri … "The three member search panel also included former Chair of the Women's Commission of the Commission, Barkha Singh, and lawyer worker Veena Gowda. Johri had been on enforcement leave for the last three weeks but it can now resume office although one member of the researchers' committee recommends it "sex sensitivity counseling".

The two members of the CoA were split on the matter.

Although the chair of Vinod Rai has approved Johri joining, Diana Edulji said his resignation on the basis of some recommendations, including counseling.

Veena Gowda recommended advising Johri because of his "inappropriate behavior" with one of the complainants during the Champions Trophy in Birmingham. However, he maintained that there was no cause of sexual harassment against Johri. The committee, which was formed on October 25, was given 15 days to complete the audit by the CoA.

His report would also be presented to the Supreme Court. Edulji did not want the report to be published on Wednesday and asked him to be given at least a few days to study.

However, Rai opened the report in the presence of members of the panel as well as the day-to-day BCCI legal team.

Edulji was against the formation of the panel and wanted Johri to be dismissed on the grounds of the allegations while Rai felt that "principles of natural justice" demanded an investigation before any action.

The first allegation against Johri was an unknown e-mail accusing her of sexual misconduct, shared with dealing with Twitter, and later deleting. The defendant claimed he was a former Johri colleague in a previous position.

Thereafter there were two other allegations, one of Singapore's media professionals and another daughter, who worked with Johri as one of the previous organizations.

Both women were deposited through Skype, along with the main BCCI Anti-Pollution Unit, Neeraj Kumar, BCCI Treasurer, Anirudh Chaudhry, IPL Petitioner, Aditya Verma, and former captain Shishir Hattangadi.

There were also allegations against Johri about inappropriate behavior with the BCCI female employee. However, the employee concerned did not turn aside for deposits as widely quoted. Johri was the last person to decode and has spread over two days.

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