Saturday , May 28 2022

Avoid hand treatments, use solvents during the flu season, says pulmonologist Coimbatore News


Coimbatore: "Avoid handsheld, disinfectants and make sure your bathrooms and kitchens have a fully functional campaign some ways to maintain lung health well during the flu season," said Dr P L Ramanathan, and the pulmonologist.

Speaking at the launch of a lung screening program at PSG Hospitals, Ramanathan said that chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) is the second largest cause of death in the country. "The main causes of disorder are smoking, chronic lung infection, and occupational exposure to dust and smoke. People who are vulnerable to passive smoking often ignore COPD's mild symptoms. But if they are noticed at an early stage, control and disorder, "said doctor. "The same concept also works for lung cancer. If diagnosed in the first stage, it can be improved easily. Lung cancer can be detected early through a low dose CT scan," he said.

Regarding the importance of the prevention of lung infections, he said it was important for everyone to have a vaccination. "People who attend public places should be vaccinated against the flu before the induction season, as a virus goes annually every year," said Ramanathan. "People should avoid shaking the hands of other people aware, and they should close their mouth while coughing," he said. "Reducing the use of defaults and also breathing in kitchen and bathrooms, reduces breathing smoke from someone indoors," he added.

Speaking of people who need time-to-face screening, Ramanathan said that people who were regularly smoke-free in places such as foundry, factories, work on road projects, live on the highways, even in full streets or are subject to passive smoking of screening and lung tests.

A few hospitals in the city have introduced a lung master examination to identify lung cancer and early lung disease.

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