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Arvind Kejriwal was attacked: Chili powder thrown in Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: Chilli powder flourish as prime minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal outside his office at Delhi's Secretariat on Tuesday, an assault described as Plaid Aam Aadmi (AAP) as a "political stimulus".

The man, Anil Kumar, has been detained by Delhi Police. The assault attacked the secretariat about 1pm and was staying in a room near the office of the CM. As soon as Kejriwal left his office, the assault attacked the power of him.

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The assault was held outside the prime minister's chamber on the third floor when he was leaving for lunch.

Kumar was targeting the eyes of the prime minister, officials said. Kejriwal's glasses broke but it seemed that his eyes had eliminated any damage, they added.

Kumar, whose recovery card has been recovering, has brought the chilli powder to the secretariat in khaini packages, or tobacco markers, they said.

After throwing red pepper powder on Kejriwal, Kumar was threatened to shoot after he came out of the prison, officially reported.

AAP called a dangerous assault & # 39; and described as a serious security order on behalf of Delhi Police. "Even the CM is not safe in Delhi. The man crossed all the safety barriers and even scanners that did not find the chilli powder."

"How can anyone randomly go to the Secretariat and attack the prime minister, Kejriwal has had many such attacks on a regular basis, this is a serious security deficit," said AAP MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj at a press conference.

Bharadwaj added, "The BJP government has created an atmosphere where anti-social elements are encouraged and promoted to attack Kejriwal CM. Assaults know that they will get all the defense from central government. "

"The message from central government and Delhi Police is clear – anyone can attack the Delhi CM, the attackers will be protected by the police and no action will be taken," said Saurabh Bharadwaj.

Bharataya Party Janata (BJP) condemned the assault on Kejriwal, saying that such actions are not acceptable.

"Hears that someone has thrown chilli powder on Kejriwal. I'll condemn him," said Prime BJP Delhi, Trojan Manoj, to reporters.

He said that such actions were "acceptable" and that the person arrested for attacking the Plaid Aammi adviser (AAP) should be questioned thoroughly.

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