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Are there geographical inconsistencies in death due to traumatic brain injury to US veterans?


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Racial and ethnic imbalances are known in death due to traumatic brain injury (TBI) and a new study has now investigated if there is a link between the TBI deaths and the lives of US veterans. The study, among veterans with TBI, showed that deaths were higher for those living in the US territories compared to the mainland, as stated in an article and published in Health Equity.

The article of the name "Clare Dismuke-Greer, Ph.D., was defined as" Geographical Damage in Death of Death in a Generic Sample of US Veterans People with Traumatic Brain Injury ". and colleagues from Ralph H. Johnson Department of the Veterans Medical Center (Charleston, SC), South Carolina Medical University (Charleston), University of Utah University of Medicine (Salt Lake City), Wisconsin Medical College (Milwaukee), US Department of Veterans Issues (Washington, DC), and Health Management Associates (Washington, DC).

The above-mentioned advanced TBI deaths appear to be among Spanish veterans associated with living in the United States territories. Researchers of this study expressed concerns about possible differences in the quality of healthcare between the mainland territories of the United States and the United States.

"Too often, veterans are clustered as one large group. Although there are many cross-cutting issues that are important to all veterans, just as important is the recognition of health experiences and, in the This is the case, harmful consequences that may exist for sub groups. In addition to awareness, this work highlights the need for innovation and outreach to achieve better health in a group that we have a covenant of care for us because of their courage and service. " Health Equity Principal Editor Ana E. Núñez, MD, Diversity Associate Dean, Equity and Inclusion and Professor of Medicine, Drexel University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA.

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More information:
Clara E. Dismuke-Greer et al, Geographical Differences in Death Risk in a Racial Sample Miscellaneous of US Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury, Health Equity (2018). DOI: 10.1089 / heq.2018.0047

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