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Aashram Season 2 MX Player Original Series ‘Aashram’ is streaming now on the OTT platform and the response to the show has been incredible


The second episode of the MX Original Series Aashram is streaming now on the OTT platform and the response to the show has been incredible. The fictional series is directed by Prakash Jha and Bobby Deol plays the role of a self-styled duo whose aashram is a crime den where he explores his hilarious deities.

Deol’s performance as Baba Nirala, eerily similar to the famous Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, has earned him universal acclaim in both editions. Baba Nirala has the ability to draw huge crowds and enjoys a great deal of political power, but in reality, he is a sexual predator in the guise of a guru.

Bobby Deol's character will remind you of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.

Bobby Deol’s character will remind you of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.
(Photo: MX Player)

The series has amazed critics and viewers alike. Whether in the story or the performances, people can’t seem to get enough of them Aashram. In many ways, the show has managed to create its own universe and it is not everyday that this happens in the Indian OTT space. Typically, after a great first season, shows struggle to maintain their popularity in subsequent seasons. Anyway, Aashram, changed the rules of the game and how! Surprisingly, viewers celebrated the second episode even more than the first.

Ever since the first segment came out in August, social media has been flooded with memes surrounding the show’s dialogues. The lust has only increased in the second chapter. Baba Nirala Custody ‘Japnaam‘, which he uses to greet his devotion, has found his way into pop culture and that is quite something. This is one baba who has a fan base of her own and that is no big feat. It will not be an exaggeration to say that her off-screen cult is bigger than what you see on screen.

Aashram is a very relevant show.

Aashram is a very relevant show.
(Photo: MX Player)

While we catch a glimpse of baba’s bad side towards the end of part 1, the second episode plunges deep into its dark and sinister world. In both editions, Aashram watches watch riveting. He is a seat edge entertainer who features great performances. Beyond all this, what does Aashram very relevant to the times we live in is that it tells an important story that everyone must know. It’s a great show that lays bare uncomfortable truths about the world we live in.

Almost every day, there are news reports from all over India that reveal the criminal acts of such ‘godmen’. This is where a show is like Aashram makes a world of difference. It helps to create awareness among the masses so that they can protect themselves and their loved ones from being a victim of such fraud.

It’s been a long time for a show to get so much love from road viewers Aashram has. It’s a compelling series that has managed to strike the right chord with audiences. We can’t wait to see where things are going.

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