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A Mahagathbandhan vote will go to Amethi's Cong, Rare Bareli ': Mayawati | elections of sap lok


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has adopted a division and management strategy to create a split in the SP-BSP-RLD league to save the BJP honor in the next three stages of the polls Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Bahujan Samaj on Sunday.

“He tried everything in his will to destroy the ha mahagathbandhan’. In accordance with his strategy alo phoot, raj karo ', he said a number of erroneous things at his election rally in Pratapgarh yesterday. He wants the SP-BSP-RLD to fight with each other. His motive is to mislead our party workers, ”said Mayawati said by ANI news agency.

While continuing his attack, the main BSP said her party was working with the aim of removing the BJP from the country on 23 May, when the results of the Lok Sabha elections were announced.

He also accused Congress and the BJP of being “chips of the same block”. “The people of the country know that we haven't contacted the party of Congress because we believe that the BJP and Congress are k ek thali ke chatte batte (chip of the same block) . ”

He claimed, however, that her party had given the best to Amethi and Raebareli Lok Sabha seats for Congress as they wanted the main leaders in the fighting seats and weakened BJP and RSS forces in the country. .

"Vote of the mahagathbandan ha 'will go to Congress in these two seats and I would ask those who support BSP to do the same," he said.

Out of 80 seats Lok Sabha in Uttar Pradesh, 39 have gone to vote in the first four stages. The remaining 41 constituencies will go to the next three stages of elections to be held on 6 May, 12 and 19 May.

Amethi and Raebareli will both vote in the fifth stage of the general elections on May 6. The votes will be counted on 23 May.

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May 05, 2019 17:50 IST

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