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What did the European Union give to the countries that joined in 2004?


Hungary has been a member of the European Union for 15 years. After joining May 1, 2004, our country had also met the strict conditions to enter the Schengen area. According to a survey, most Hungarians value EU membership and trust in the future, much more than those living in basic countries.

The experience of recent years shows that Reunited Europe – said Péter Törcsi, Director of Research at the Center for Fundamental Rights in Radio Kossuth's European Time Program. He said that the Central Europe region had joined him, where he had always been in terms of culture, the world view and the economy.

He emphasized that the Hungarians also thought that Hungary made a good decision in 2004 with a reception. Membership serves the interests of Hungary in many cases, for example, within the Schengen area, boundaries have been dismantled, so there is no border control between member states.

He added that there was an emotional charge on the European Union. He drew attention to the Schengen Convention, which is close to people, because they understand why the European Union is good: there are no boundaries within the political and cultural community. He noted, thanks to Schengen, not only people, but also capital, that the labor market and other services can flow freely.

Péter Törcsi said today, because of the Eastern and Western Europe, Central Europe and within the division the Visegrád four became a force for the European economy. This could be because it is a more uniform area in the European Union and has financial, political, existential and economic stability in this country, he added.

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