Thursday , January 20 2022

We need to remember the fallen soldiers


On Sunday, during the First World War, the Defense Minister died of the death of a hero on the serious transfer of soldiers regenerated by soldiers, said the dead soldier who is no longer an enemy, resting anywhere in the world , deserves everyone to commemorate it.

Tibor Benkő said in Debrecen cemetery, Heroes, that the refurbished cemetery was worthy of remembrance and remembrance.

As he said, in the graveyard, the victims of the Great Battle of Debrecen on August 2, 1849: unknown troops, soldiers who sacrificed their lives for independence and freedoms of their homeland.

Rehabilitation of soldiers who died in the First World War and the Second World War in the graveyard cemetery.

Therefore, it is worth mentioning that it is the Hungarian army cemetery and the heroes cemetery. Heroes, victims, and fell with each other lie here in the land along with Hungarian troops with those who were those enemies

Tibor Benkő said.

According to him, many people who went to war and went to war did not have the opportunity to rest their loved ones in their homeland.

"They were not soldiers to be heroes, they started war because they wanted to win: dads, fathers, young people who left their loved ones at home. Respect for everyone we remember in the hero's garden, anywhere in the country , "said Minister for Defense.

Tibor Benkő also said that it is extremely important for the people of Hungary to have peace in the country, in Europe. He asked the soldiers to serve Hungary, the security and peace of the Hungarian people, according to their oath, according to their best knowledge.

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