Wednesday , July 6 2022

Velvet – Life – Due to the MOSCHINO collection, the H & M website store is a little lost


Today, on November 8, MOSCHINO and H & M have come to a common conclusion. On the one hand sales in Tokyo Street 1 in the business area were also starting to sell, which is why people could stay in the morning in the morning. Until the opening, the shop was made with hot drinks and baked goods to customers – writing 24.

Although the shop was opened firmly and buyers could launch the new collection free, only the limited number of users allowed the shop.

On the H & M Facebook page there are also comments that "webshop" is not available. The company provided the following information in several positions:

At the same time, only a specific number of buyers can enter our website as well as in our store to prevent overloading our website. Use the "Try again" button and as soon as our site page is released. Good buy!

He's probably a student as a subject. In some systems there was a limit that the student is not allowed to convert. She had to fight for limited seminars and exercises, and there were a limited number of slippers, T-shirts and accessories available.

Those who enter the store and the website shop may not find the product they want. Here, we believe that women's jackets, tops, tops (other than large and some teas) are available in XS, S and M sizes.

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