Sunday , August 7 2022

Totalcar – Magazine – Show the new BMW cars


Apart from i3, few electric cars have been marketable so far, but they work on them, as it seems, don't even eat.

Three camouflage prototypes have now been photographed. The iX3 can already arrive in 2020, the other two cars, iNext and i3, will rise in BMW in 2021.

We have seen the iX3 last year: this model will be produced in Brilliance, a Chinese partner in BMW, but it has been designed to be an international model. Its shape is not very different from the X3 axis, so it's not really covered, just some parts of the nose and part of the tree, where it is. There are obviously some details of the electrical version. The fifth generation of the eDrive driving system, which is said to have a range of up to 400 km.

The other two cars with better care are less similar to existing BMWs. Insext will be the most expensive model of the electric range: this is a relatively low and long version of the standard luxury racing model, and can be the most reminiscent of Jaguar i-Pace. It's supposed to go 600 kilometers with pay and be able to drive at least 3 levels. Its production starts in 2021 at Dingolfing.

However, the real surprise reminds me of i4 and the most popular BMW in a size 3 series. It is obvious that this is not a coincidence: it is intended to produce both types at the same factory in Munich, also from 2021 onwards. We know about the type that can accelerate it to a hundred in 4 seconds, its maximum speed is about 200 km / h, and can take distances over 600 km with pay.

Like most leading car manufacturers, BMW also slides down the road to Tesla, but these three models are at least competitive in the premium car market by the beginning of the next decade. With the i4, Tesla Model 3 can have an objector who can even be dangerous.

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