Sunday , August 7 2022

Totalcar – Magazine – Land Rover's new barrier has come


After six members of the Ingenium engine family, six cylinders were built: two variants of the three liter serial machine are now available: the Rover Range 400, Range Rover Sports with 360 and 400 horses.

Following the example of Mercedes, BMW and Volvo, the Jaguar Land Rover aims to reduce its costs by developing a modular engine family. The four cylinder cylinder has been used by the company for many years, and the first versions of the six-cylinder Ingenium machines are now being developed, which are used in Range Rover and Sporting models. Range Rover.

For the time being, the Ranger Ranger brings only the strongest 400 hp version, along with a 48 volt hybrid drive. The huge off-road engine with this engine can reach a maximum speed of 225 km / h, accelerate to a hundred in 6.3 seconds, and drink 9.3 liters of petrol. It is not bad if we consider the body to be five meters long, nearly two thousand wide, more than 1.8 meters tall, and there is no easier version than 2160 pounds. In the Rover Airport lighter, in principle the same machine would go up to a hundred kilometers with up to 7.3 liters of petrol.

The aim, in principle, is to remove all V6 and V8 machines that derive from Ford with the new line, which is meant to vary between 275 and 500 horses, depending on the design. Of course, they also develop a diesel version, which also offers 400 hp version. Accordingly, the new machines will appear later in the larger models of Jaguar, but it is not yet known when, and at what price, the production and distribution of new six cylinder models will be launched in Britain.

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