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With the help of pldakps and hard programs, and a successful 15-year program, Microsoft gave the IT professions on DigiGirlz kdnap.

On DigiGirlz kdday on Prilis 27, Saturday, twelve young women could see how exciting the digital world was. Microsoft DigiGirlz globlis starts getting the best of science and IT education as the IT profession is not only for the intelligent.

Microsoft DigiGirlzForr: Microsoft

Sixty plots of the dntene lnyok spoil more than the hard plya, if you know that the spirit of spirit is balanced on a Microsoft search. According to Microsoft, our global problem is that there is a lot of work to do in the digital professions, DigiGirlz's camp has been launched to make young people more aware of the fact. that we are looking for an IT platform.

In 2019, Microsoft DigiGirlz Day was held in 58 places, with young people tearing around.

DigiGirlz is a day of highlights to participate in shared sex work in the IT professions. According to international researchers, if you worked as an IT expert, it would not only make the workforce light, but the acre could increase by 2.2 pounds. It has nothing to do with it, because the programmers, the kdols and the developer are the works where the swords can be as big as those. Despite this, mgis kevs work in informatics. The kzl diplomats are like science almost everywhere.

Microsoft DigiGirlzForr: Microsoft

The technical section is characterized by the fact that the university plyavlaszts must be based on the fact that the programmers, the kdols s and the natural science bricks create more obstacles. If we show faithfully to the young people what the most modern industry can do for them, they also think they are the same as the big ones, and they're 39 harder to lose.
The package, the biztats and the informatica plya show can all make the young people in the first place. After all, in school and at school, they like mgn, informatics and technology.

It is important that the IT sector is led by the IT profession.

on prilis 27, Saturday, Microsoft organized a kayak along with Skool for young girls. In this framework, twelve barriers could become familiar with the essentials of kdols on the Minecraft program site. Skool and Microsoft mentors were also able to talk about the knowledge and career challenges, and were able to gain an insight into IT.

Microsoft DigiGirlzForr: Microsoft

DigiGirlz Days are a key figure for successful young programmers who may be pldakpek. The skool and Microsoft jvolt can meet rare 15-year-old cuts, which develop mr veter mpest, can program in klnbz languages, develop appliques and other products. He originally wanted to be a doctor and kept him in programs. Lili DigiGirlz rose on kdnap to inspire cheeses with cheese.

"Contrary to what happens, cyclists can do more than just informatics, science or mrnkknt. However, the informatics and whistles have the power of information and knowledge. Microsoft clja's btortsa and inspirlja are jv generciit, and cskkentse is a friendly, technical-technical, technical and mathematical profession.D DigiGirlz will start working on it, "said Gabriella Csanak, marketing director of marketing at Microsoft.

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