Thursday , May 19 2022

The scandal at Gáspár Győző’s is huge: “Zsolti took my father and my job!” – Metropol


We’ve been seeing Zsolt on screen for a long time, He wins and rarely appear on the channels. Now here’s the older Gáspár boy Closed with Péter Hajdú He spoke of how much his relationship with his brother had deteriorated.

Ma is a Television Lifetalks about his complaints Victor’s gasp, World Health Organization In István Hajdú he also revealed what he thought of Zsolti’s wife.

We have a very poor relationship with Zsolt. Zsolti built an empire on my back, and when it reached the climax of the empire, it left me to hell. He has not been talking to me for half a year, and Zsoltika Gáspár took my father from me five years ago. “ Győzike started, who only poured out the word when Hajdú asked about their sibling relationship. The show man in Salgótarján also reported a case of place his younger brother deliberately missed a show from him, and he did not hide the fact that not only he, but his wife were very distressed, who, according to him, also controls Zsolt and their father in the background.

“Ever since my mother left, Zsolti Gáspár preached the order. If my sister-in-law tells my dad you can’t go over to your son, he won’t go over. If you tell Zsolt that you are “hopping, stay home,” you will stay home. I have a sister-in-law that the “power” itself, the “state”! ”

Bors wondered what Zsolti had to say about everything Győzike claimed. He listened calmly to the allegations, but when his wife came up, he hatched.

No one can hurt my wife, you can’t say bad things about it, not even Gáspár Győző. How would anyone control our father? Come on! Our father is not a clown, and perhaps he should have been dealt with during those five years, this is Victor’s certificate of poverty. Our father is our father for better or for worse, we always need him. He is my friend too, and unlike his Victory, I would never make him stupid. We owe him everything, ”replied Zsolti, who also agreed with his brother:

I climbed up on the back of Győzike’s and became famous, and I thank him so much again. I will be grateful while I live and whatever happens, he is my brother and I love him. ”

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