Friday , May 27 2022

The number of television subscriptions in Europe is constantly growing


Hi s Rfdet

According to a survey by the Digital TV Research market research company, the number of television subscriptions in Europe has increased dramatically in recent years. That is, it is more accurate to say that demand for services that can be used on TV can also be increased. Analysis is part of traditional, expensive cable, satellite or terrestrial broadcasts, called video-based video services, many of which are available on a computer or mobile device with the same profile. So, few examples are Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, NFL, and NBA.


But bring the numbers: "subscriptions" 205 million 2015 jump to 262 million (+ 57 million) by 2018, with VoD services increasing from 27 to 76 million (+ 49 million). Therefore, obviously, this last market is dynamic and is likely to continue so in the future.

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