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The investigation was closed for the Vanni Fanni killer –


The investigation was closed for the Vanni Fanni murder

The police have completed the investigation into the Novozánszki Fanni murder, known as the Real World – writes Lokal.

One year ago, November 20, 2017, Fanni Novozánszki, who is well-known for his reality show disappeared. Based on the recordings, László B. took the ferch fainted from his apartment, but he denied the murder. B.László was guarded without court until November 27, as there was a danger of escaping.

According to the information, the police have completed the investigation recently and will soon report that they have closed the case.

He informed the police the victim's mother, and he will have to go to the police next week to let him know that the investigation is closed, "said Dr. Lokal, József Lichy, lawyer of B. László.

According to our information, László B. made every step of the way, every telephone call found, and it became clear that he was back to the position of the law one day later. It is assumed that he would be able to attract a crime. The aficionados did not find any pushing blood in the apartment, so it can not be ruled out that the person guilty of the apartment did not kill it, only the girl who took away could be done elsewhere .

The person who was punished somewhere in Székesfehérvár put a car suit, but this item was not detected on the detectives, it's likely that someone has taken her home. There was evidence in the suitcase, "said the panel A source also said that a man should only be prosecuted for killing, but also due to accounting offenses, and also having to be prosecuted.

The investigation failed to find an assistant or companion, so Laszló B. was the suspect in the case. Certificates and other evidence may be sufficient to prosecute. True, if the body had found it in recent months, then the scale of the case could be much more serious.

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