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The Fradi-jtkos has given jrest to the jest


The Fradi-jpest Derby was won 226 by Ferencvros, only by Dniel Nagy, from Roland s Varga and Davide Lanzafame gljaira. The second best rushed up, the FTC jtkosy had been annoyed by the lost zits, and the slogan didn't count for the slut with the jtkvezets. Interface of mixed znbl.

Once jillar had nailed it off, he hit a steep Fradi-jpest quarrel, as he had a mix zna it was not like Krhzi clinic more than where you could talk about the treatment. Gerg Lovrencsics Gerg started with stubborn eyes, shaky, t quette vrz Miha Blazic with a nose, then Dibusz Dnes had had a wound on his forehead.

It wasn't a hard game, a bunch of bastards, and felt harder, that my team should now wear these signs, but we can even understand that we have put a rhythm into the game this. " "The Fradi keeper said," he continued. "It was a real picture, we knew that to the fans, and to us, what does this mrk mean, we cheated the winner. I'm happy that vgl has succeeded. "

Telthz's great mood was the 226th Fradi-jpest riotsPhoto: Hirling Blint – Origo

Dibusz had made more ksrlet jacket with bravrr, but could not help but, despite the success, Ferencvros did not catch up. "There were 2-3 serious men on the second credit that we could have locked the mrk, but unfortunately we could not take advantage of them, we were not diligent about the finish. As it used to be, the counterfactuals were in the hair and the longer ones in poor condition. but fortunately we are looking for it, and at key times I managed to do that. "

Gergt Lovrencsics had to be replaced in the 62 minutes, but his blog had a positive result, but the second was essential. "It was more serious than the first thing I had to do to sew my eyes, I couldn't continue, but I could only put the qulrl par on top." The chrome point has naturally crept, but we should have broken the mrk in the second flid patch, and then it shouldn't have been concerned about the hair. "

The Ferencvros jtkosi nneplik the jestest against jury of joyPhoto: Hirling Blint – Origo

It reinforced Isael da Silva, one of the most notable adventures of I, the words of Lovrencsics. "It is important that we have not been serious about this job, we have served the fans, and we have rushed our gold racket with a domestic plan. We played oj game, n I was & # 39 sorry, of course, I couldn't win the first championship. " , but I had the opportunity. The mood? Feeling like the atmosphere created by the fans in the list, you can't play bad football in a game of such a kind. Mr Just had to win because of our dentists, I think I'm one of the best squads I'm here. I see myself in Fradi, it's probably just the beginning, and it's even lighter.

The captain of the Jpest team did not hide him. I'm not dealing with the guidelines, but I can't go to the brskods. Returning, glja mretes winner was betrayed off, he would have been out, but every part of a knitting sitting was spent on us, "said Rita Litauszki.

Davide Lanzafame nnepli made the Fradi the other time, as he discovered, beat a ssggbForr: MTI / Czagny Balz

"We are sorry, because we wanted to hit the home Ferencvros at least one point. It took the second syllable of the team, and it could have been more serious to betrayal, but it didn't happen to him," he said. we also got our situations in the shade, as it would have been fairer. That's why we've just reached the Ferencvros championship, but now it's been formed. There is a cljaink mg, we always want to go to the podium, we have to forget this mrkz, and focus on the htralv kt Champion. "

Gluten the sellers, Great Dniel:Situations, fears, frustrations, spin, like derby. We played J games, we are sorry that we have just arrived at the Arnbl Group. We would do everything, but as Ferencvros did, we couldn't go with us. " The brothers also took part in the game, as well as the veteran Krtsrl and Debrecen. "This is not the first time we have been in such a mood, or in such a way, I did not say that we were familiar with it, but we did not hurt us at all."

We knew that Debrecen had broken, so one point should have been at least, but mg always keeps our fingers on the front, and if you win in the last KT, you may be ranked third in Europe. "

For a period due to the pyrotechnic tool, the litter was found in Groupama Arn;Photo: Hirling Blint – Origo

Holmzer dm on the bench to see the mrk, the stars mentioned happily at the stars. "These are the games you can play for real football. It was fun, I'm sorry to have to do all this, that the enemy and the flaunts have also celebrated the victory, as the champion's hymn, is so much time. They could have won the game even in mr, but they could win a few minutes to fight for the last minute. Everyone is enthusiastic, those who start, and those who exchange the chance are sure. I think it's about team-making. ”

There was a reason for Fradist to rm, with a rare nnpelt verse of the 30th championshipPhoto: Hirling Blint – Origo

One is a Fradi goalkeeper playing a part in Grda champion utols kt in Debrecen, and the Akadmia Pusks, for now, his master 226, Ferencvros won 2-1, anyway. i. kerletie faded with the indigenous national winner, the child Fradi 120, and the third star FTC game next season.

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